Best engines to swap


  • The 84-88 Fiero is a great candidate for engine swaps
  • The Supercharged 3.8L V6 from 1997-2004 W-Body cars is a popular and easy swap. These engines came with 240 hp / 280 lb/ft from the factory
  • The Northstar is a more difficult but great sounding swap. 300 HP / 295 lb/ft from the factory.
  • Recommend 96-99 Northstar engines for the swap

Best transmissions to swap


  • If using the Supercharged 3.8L V6, a built 4T65E-HD is a good transmission to swap
  • The 4T80E behind the Northstar engine is GM's strongest transverse engine offered, but is heavy.
  • The 6-speed manual out of a Pontiac G6 is also a good option for manual transmissions

head gaskets?


  • The Northstar engine is not necessarily a bad engine platform
  • Head gasket issues are caused by head bolts that strip in the aluminum heads and create separation between the head and deck surface
  • Time-serts, an official GM fix, are usually sufficient to fix the issue
  • Other companies offer stud replacement options, that while not necessary, do offer another repair option.

Regardless of your swap option, it will make the process go much easier if you can get the whole donor car. Many things like the wiring harness, PCM, BCM, ect. will make the process go smoother. In essence, you will ditch the Fiero electronics and it will retain the electronics of the donor car.