techinical specs

Technical specifications of the Fiero 2M8 after the conversion from a Fiero 2M4.

1988 pontiac fiero 2M8 - 4.6L v8

300 HP / 295 tq

300 HP @ 6000 RPM, 295 FT/LB Torque at 4400 RPM stock. The custom Magnaflow exhaust may slightly increase this.

4.6L V8 32-VAlve

Engine is swapped from a 1996 Cadillac Seville STS. 

4t80E 4-speed auto

Transmission is also from the Cadillac donor car. 3.71:1 final drive ratio. Strongest transverse automatic produced by GM.


CV Joints, axles, hubs and rims from the donor car. Front hubs drilled to 115mm to match the rear.


Brakes are upgraded from the original 10.5 inch rotors to 12 inch rotors. Compatible with 84-88 C4 Corvette rotors.


Upgraded 3 core aluminum radiator and engine oil cooler. Custom aluminum expansion tank in engine compartment.


PCM, PMZ, IC, ALB, RSSM modules with data link, fuel pump, cruise control, fuse block and sensors from donor car


All engine gaskets and seals replaced. Head bolts with inserts from Time-Sert installed. New water pump and thermostat. New valve stem seals.


Converter installed to reuse all old instrumentation. Cadillac PCM communicates to the dash for proper speed and RPM readouts. 


Interior lighting upgraded to LED to increase gauge visibility.

0-60 performance

Fastest recorded 0-60 time on 91 octane pump gas is 5.2 seconds.


The interior is original with a few additions including leather covered seats and leather steering wheel. And yes, the horn works.