We are putting an effort into an open PCM for enthusiasts because there are no viable options in the US to tune these engines. By opening up the Northstar platform to everyone through open source, it can gain popularity. The LS engine platform is popular to mod because there is support for it.

The goal of this project is to make available a PCM that can control the Northstar engines and be edited by the enthusiast. The source code will be released to the public along with the instructions for creating the interface to plug-and-play with the engine. We are looking at using the GM 7730 PCM as reference and rewriting the PCM with our own software.


An engine needs fuel, spark and air - and in the right order and amounts, to run. This project hopes to mimic the original Northstar PCM to open up the platform to the public, free of charge - using readily available components.

help with the project

If you believe you can assist with the open source project, please contact us at